How to Save Money at the Grocery Store? 20 Tips

20 Tips On Saving Money On Your Grocery Bill

We all try to save money one way or another and it is important for us to do so because this is the base of our economy.  If we do not learn to be careful with our hard earned cash, we might end up in serious problems later in life and this is why we want to tell you about some methods for saving money today.

Whether you decide to follow only some of these tips or all of them, we are certain that they will all help you somehow and this is why we encourage you to keep on reading.  You will soon learn that saving some money on groceries is a lot easier than you previously thought and we are sure that these tips will help you out.


Saving Some Cash At The Grocery Store

Tip 1 – Pick your days

One of the best ways to save some dollars when you go out to buy some food is to pick the days that you go to the store.  Sometimes, there are special deals and prices, which can save you a ton.  There are also some supermarkets, which will sell their vegetables and fruits at lower prices on certain days.

So make sure that you know your supermarket’s special days and go shopping on those days.  You will soon realize that you have a lot more in your wallet than you used to.


Tip 2 – Take a look at expiration dates

Take a look at expiration dates

While it may be easy to grab the first food products that you see on the shelves, being picky about which of them you choose, can save you a ton of money in the long run.  By simply picking food products with a longer expiration date, you will be able to keep them longer and have some food stored.

This can help you to save some hard earned dollar and it will also make your pantry look nice.


Tip 3 – Stock up on coupons and deals

There are plenty of good deals and food coupons out there, so make sure that you keep the ones that you like and can use.  If you do not like to use coupons, it is time for you to do so because they can really save you a lot of dollars every time.


Tip 4 – Compare prices

This may be a difficult task for some, but staying on top of your prices and knowing exactly what each food product is worth in different supermarkets, can help you to create a useful grocery list.  By knowing your prices, you will be able to compare food stores and buy at the place where you can save the most.


Tip 5 – Keep coupons organized

We mentioned the usefulness of coupons above, but if you do not keep them organized and in a safe place, you will lose track of them and not use them at all.  Make sure that you keep your food coupons organized and that you pick the ones that really offer you great value.


Tip 6 – Keep your fridge & pantry organized

Organize your fridge

By keeping your food well organized inside your home and kitchen, you will be able to know when some of them are going to expire and consume them before they do.  Not throwing away food, will help you to save some bucks and this is why you must keep things organized.


Tip 7 – Buy large sized products

If you can buy your food in bulk or find large sized products, then you should definitely purchase them.  According to most experts, this is the best way to save some money on your groceries and it is something that you should be doing today.


Tip 8 – Get some cheap meat cuts

While some people may not like to buy some of the cheapest meat cuts in the supermarket, these types of meats, are actually great for soups, stews, and many other healthy recipes.  Even if some of these meat cuts do not look very tasty at all, they will taste great once they are cooked and accompanied with some other foods.


Tip 9 – Look at the bottom shelves

Believe it or not, supermarkets are out there to make some money and since they are businesses, they focus on organizing their shelves, according to their marketing specialists and with the products that make the most money for them.

This means that supermarkets will usually place the food products that do not earn them as much, in the lower shelves or in places that they cannot be found easily.  So train your eyes to look for these products and you will soon be saving a ton.


Tip 10 – Don’t go too many times to the supermarket

Go less to supermarket

Plan your trips to the food store and you will save both time and money.  If you make several trips to the supermarket, you will not only spend a lot of gas, time and money, but you will also spend more on your grocery bill.

It has been proven that buying wholesale and making fewer trips will save you some cash, so start planning for fewer trips to the supermarket and you will soon see your bank account increase.

According to the Telegraph from the United Kingdom, “A weekly trip to your nearest supermarket, is probably not the cheapest way to buy your groceries.”, as they stated in one of their most recent articles.  So plan ahead and make sure that you know what you are going to buy and eat before you place a foot inside your nearest supermarket.


Tip 11 – Buy packaged or canned foods

Some types of foods are simply too perishable to keep fresh at home, so don’t waste any money and buy packaged or canned foods.  Even if some of these do not taste as good or as fresh, they will surely last you longer and help you not to waste any food or cash.

Remember that not wasting any food, can help you to save tons of money, so try not to throw away any food.


Tip 12 – Cook healthy and cheap meals

Today, there are plenty of recipe books out there, which can help you to eat a healthy meal and save some cash at the same time too. Find some meals that you like and get the ingredients that you need at the supermarket.

This will help you to save some money every single week and at the end of the year, you will see a huge difference in your grocery expenses.

The following is a video of a true story, about how a woman saves money on her groceries.  It is certainly worth watching.


Tip 13 – Cook once a month

Yes, you read right, there are some ways that you can cook only once per month and this can help you to save some cash.  If you buy lots of meat and cook it so that it does not spoil, you can then freeze it and eat it during that month.  This will save you some time and money, so it is a good thing too if you want to save some cash on your groceries.


Tip 14 –  Prepare your own food

There are so many homemade recipes and ideas for you to make on your own, that I really do not know where to start at.  Just look up some homemade recipes, which you think you will enjoy and that you are certain that you can make.

This will save you a lot of money on groceries and it will also allow you to follow a healthy diet.


Tip 15 – Have some snacks around

Remember to always have the snacks that you love to eat around your home, as this will help you to take care of your hunger until it is time for your next meal. This will help you to save your most important foods and to save some Dollars too.

You should also remember not to spend too much on snacks, as this can really increase your grocery list receipt and they are not always good for your health.


Tip 16 – Plan ahead

Before going to the supermarket, make sure that you have enough time to go through your entire grocery list and to look at all of the shelves carefully.  This will allow you to find the best deals and the lowest prices.

Going to the supermarket in a rush, will usually increase your grocery list receipt, as you will grab the first thing that you find and not take advantage of those special deals.  So make sure you plan ahead and that you make enough time, to go to the supermarket.


Tip 17 – Create the perfect shopping list

Perfect shopping list

The most obvious solution for saving some bucks on your groceries is to create a shopping list that will not go over your budget.  In order to do this, you will need to come up with a weekly or monthly budget for food and you must create your shopping list based on that.

This will help you to save some real cash every time you go to the supermarket and it will also help you to buy the best food out there.


Tip 18 – Grow your own food

This option may seem like a really dumb thing to do to some, but the reality is that growing your own vegetables and fruits, is an excellent idea and it will help you to save many Dollars. Many of us, have grown accustomed to living in an urban community and growing our own food, is something that we look at funny and consider weird. As mentioned above, growing our own food is an excellent idea and more people are doing it every day.  No only is this a great way to save some cash, but it will help you to eat the freshest foods too.

According to Forbes, it is possible to save money, by growing your own food and in one of their articles, they stated “A patient gardener who plans ahead can start with small, inexpensive plants and let them grow over the long term.”


Tip 19 – Try buying at more than one supermarket

As mentioned before, getting to know the different supermarket and local food stores, will help you to make a better choice in the foods that you buy and to get the best deals.  Not only will you find the best prices, but you will also find different brands and quality foods.

It is important to visit different supermarkets and food stores, because this will give you an idea of what foods are really worth, where you can find the best deals and where you can get more for your money.  Being a smart consumer, is an important part of saving money on your groceries.


Tip 20 – Wait for going grocery shopping

Believe it or not, many supermarkets have special offers after certain time in the afternoon, as some of the foods that they had on the shelves that day, will not be as fresh anymore and this is why they are sold at lower prices.

A perfect example of this is daily baked bread, as the pieces that are not sold by the evening, will go on a special price and even though they are not the freshest bread that you could find, it will still be nutritious and tasty.   So wait until the afternoon to go grocery shopping and you will certainly find some special deals on some types of foods.

Grandma Lynda, also has some amazing tips for saving some cash when buying food and you can learn more about them, by watching the following video.


So if you want to stay in a budget or simply want to have more money in your saving account, try following some of the tips mentioned above and you will soon see some positive results.

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