List Post : 8 Awesome Ways You Can Actually Make Money by Playing Video Games

Make Money Playing Video Games

Are you a gamer and wonder how to make money by playing video games? Do you love spending your free time playing video games? If so, we want to tell you about some great money earning opportunities, which you can take advantage of today.

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to earn some cash, by playing video games and we will tell you about some, right now. So keep on reading and don’t miss out on these opportunities, as you might be able to make a living, playing video games and doing something that you like.


Make Money by Playing Video Games

Whether you are interested in playing video games for a living or you are just interested in making a few extra Dollars every month, you can be sure that the following ideas will help you out somehow. Make money by playing video games is also a nice solution to make some money from home.


Way 1 – Item farming and gold mining

Make money by playing video games by gold and item farming

This is really not a new idea about how to make money by playing video games, and many young gamers have been doing it for a long time.  However, there are now more opportunities to make some cash this way, as some games are actually offering an in-game auction house option.

This means that there is definitely some way to earn some cash with these games and this is why we want to tell you a little bit more about them.

The pioneer game in auction houses was without a doubt, Diablo III by Blizzard Entertainment.  Although this option is no longer available, it helped lots of people to understand how this money earning method works and some even earned tons of cash.

Today, you can visit websites like Player Auctions, which is an online player auction site, that helps everyone to buy and sell what they want.  You can find World of Warcraft gold, Runescape gold, GW2 gold and much more.

There are so many gaming related items and values that one could sell or buy, that it is almost impossible not to earn some cash with them. Just pick a game that you like and that is very popular.  Start mining for gold or finding items that others would want and simply offer them for cash online.


Way 2 – Testing games

Game testing is actually a reality and there are plenty of gaming businesses or developers, who are constantly looking for people to test their games and tell them what they think about them.

This benefits everyone because game developers get to know more about their games, before they are released into the market and gamers get paid for doing something that they like.

Although this sounds like the best opportunity and career out there, you should really be careful, as there are lots of people who want to do this and only a certain number of game developing businesses in the market. If you are a really interested in making money by testing video games good place to start is

This means that there are usually not many jobs available and that when you do find some, they are not very well paid.  So remember that this might not be the best way to earn some money playing video games, but it is certainly a very entertaining one.


Way 3 – Writing your own video game guides or walkthroughs

Write your own game guides

Although some gamers claim that guides and walkthroughs will ruin a game, (which is something I consider to be true), there are certainly lots of people interested in game walkthroughs and guides.

This means that there is a way to make money by playing video games with this and if you love games and are also a good writer, you can easily create your own guides and walkthroughs.  Believe it or not, there are also websites and auction sites, which sell these and some have been sold for some good amounts of cash.

If you have a good video game guide or walkthrough, you can easily sell it online for around $10 to $30 and sometimes even more.  So give this a thought and start working on a high-quality video game guide, which you can then sell to other gamers.

Concentrating on games that are hard to complete and that have lots of secrets or hidden objects, is the best way to go, as these are the gaming guides or walkthroughs that gamers are most interested in.

If you can add some cheat codes and other useful information, you can sell your game guides much faster and you could even make a name for yourself.  Games like Zelda, Lord of the Rings and Grand Theft Auto, are all good options for writing guides and selling them.

This is my favorite option to make money by playing video games.


Way 4 – Video game tutorials and videos

This is similar to the last method, but it is a little more complicated and it could also yield a little more cash every month. If you are not shy and you want to record videos of yourself guiding gamers through video games, you can sell them or upload them to the web to make some money.

You have probably heard about video bloggers and people making money with online videos, so why not use your passion for video games and show others some tricks, some cheat codes, some guides and more.

There are so many different things that you could do here and there are several ways for anyone to make some cash with this idea.  If you have a YouTube channel, you could upload video game guides to your channel and earn some cash from their Google Adsense opportunities.

You could also earn some cash, by using other marketing and promoting businesses, which would use your video walkthroughs and guides, to publish some of your ads, so that your viewers can watch them.  This is a good way to monetize your videos.

It is also possible to do video game reviews or video game ads for certain game developers.  All you need to do is establish a relationship with some of them and let them know that you will promote their new video games, for some reasonable amounts of cash.

Affiliate programs, could also help you to earn some cash here, as you could create a video game review site, where you post your videos and tell others about certain games.  You could then join some affiliate programs and post their ads on your site.

If your video game reviews go viral, you could earn a lot from promoting other people’s services and products, or you could even sell your own.  You could even charge a small membership fee so that gamers can watch your videos and learn from you. Membership could be one of the most profitable ways to make money by playing video games.

This could become a very useful service for some and it could certainly earn you a good amount of money every single month.  So start recording your own video game tutorials and walkthroughs, so that you can earn some money from them.



Way 5 – Use video games as a university

Pro racer Jann Mardenborough

Believe it or not, there have been some cases, where people have learned lots of things from video games and applied them in real life. Yes, this can actually be a huge loss of your time, but if it works, you could earn a lot of cash.

One of these stories involves a 22-year-old, named Jann Mardenborough, who decided to join a real car race, after being a Gran Turismo expert and became a champion.  Jann was able to beat thousands of other players and racers around the world and he learned everything from video games. He really did make money by playing video games :D.

He has been part of the British GT Championship, the European Formula Three Championship, and the Toyota Racing Series.    Jann was so good at driving virtual cars and he learned how to drive real race cars and make lots of money from it.

Jann claims, “It felt completely normal. I’d power steered a car before, I had only ever done it in a game.  I was controlling it just with the throttle and it was completely natural to me.”

There is another story, about a young man, who loved playing Football Manager 2005 and he was able to score a job as a football coach and manager.  Believe it or not, this young man helped the team to win a championship and it was all thanks to what he learned in that video game.

So if you can master a video game, you can probably master the same thing in real life.

Since there are now tons of video games related to real life stuff, you could make a career or a living almost in anything.  There are video games related to sports, to raising businesses and much more.  So start training today and make a living from what you learn on a video game console.


Way 6 – Sell special characters and hard to get heroes

Some games, like World of Warcraft, The Lord of the Rings, Call of Duty and others, have special characters or heroes, which are very hard to get and require players to spend many hours in front of the video game.

This is similar to mining gold and selling it, but in this option, you will either have to complete tasks, play in some tournaments or spend many hours mastering a video game, in order to unlock some of the most special characters out there. So if you play a lot make money by playing video games this way.

As you can imagine, there will always be tons of people willing to pay some money for some of these characters, so they do not have to spend many hours playing a game or trying to get those heroes.  Many gamers want to have the best characters but are not capable of getting them on their own, so paying a sum of money is the only option for them.

If you are a good gamer or know some cheat codes, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity, as getting those special characters and heroes, should not be that hard for you.  Simply get them and offer them at gaming auction sites and make some money from them.


Way 7 – Create your own video game clothing

Today, there are many ways that you can print something on t-shirts, hats, pants, cups and more. If you are a good drawer or know how to use some computer software, you can create some video game clothing and sell it. This is a bit alternative way to make money by playing video games.

This could be very profitable, as there are now plenty of wholesale retailers, who can sell you the clothing at a very cheap price.  This means that after you put a cool video game picture or logo on them, you can make a ton of profit, by selling them at a higher price.

You could start your very own video game clothing online store or you could sell your creations locally.  There is really a ton of ways to sell some video game clothing and all that you need is a little creativity, so you can start earning some cash.

The following video teaches you how to start your own clothing line.  Just change the design for something that is video game related and you are on your way to having your own clothing business.


Way 8 – Develop your own video game

Game development

Although, this is not really a make money by playing video games solution, this may be the dream that most gamers have, but it is certainly not an easy one to achieve. Developing your own video game, takes a lot of tech knowledge and patience.

Not everyone will be able to put their game ideas into a real game and even if you do know how to, you may not have enough time to do it.  Developing a video game, can be harder than one would imagine and it will all depend on the quality that you want at the end.

Many people have gone to school to learn this art and if you are thinking of becoming a video game developer, you should start thinking about this too.  There are many things that you probably do not know about and going to video game developer school, will really help.

The following video teaches you a few things on how you can develop your own video game.  Watch it and get started on your dream.


Other possibilities to play games for money

  • Online game tournaments for cash
  • and YouTube game streaming
  • Write game reviews
  • Upload interesting clips from playing to youtube
  • Create website with flash games
  • Share glitch videos on YouTube
  • Make money by playing video games and write reviews for Freelancer or Fiverr employers

If you figure out some other way to make money by playing video games please share it in comments below.


Make Money by Playing Video Games Conclusion

So how to get paid for gaming? As you can see, there are several ways you can make money by playing video games and if you do enjoy spending your time playing games, then some of these may be your calling in life.  Give them a try and who knows, maybe you will be the next real-life video game billionaire. Make money by playing video games is definitely possible.

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