How to Spend Money Wisely? Top 10 Ways


You should really be aware of the refund opportunities out there, as these are great since they give you some money back when you make large expenses or purchases.

Some stores and factories will refund you some money when you complete a special survey or do something after you have purchased some of their products. Credit cards and banks, also offer some refunds or point reward systems, which give you some money, when you spend a certain amount.

These opportunities may not seem like much and to some, they may seem like a hassle and this is why they prefer not to get involved in them, but the reality is that they can really earn you a lot of cash and that most of the time, they are very easy to qualify for and to obtain.

So keep on reading and find out more about 10 ways that you can spend a lot of money and get most of it back. These tips will help you to live a happier life and to get more for your hard earned cash.

Way 1 – Use Gift Cards

You may not use gift cards very often, but they are an excellent way to spend some money and to either save or get some cash back. Most of the time, when you purchase gift cards, you will not have to pay any sales taxes, shipping expenses or service fees.

There are also many times, when you can find gift cards at a discount price or promotions which will give you cash back or reward you in points. This is an excellent way of purchasing products and services and you should definitely be using it more.

Gift cards are easy to find and thanks to the Internet, you can even get them without leaving your home. So there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t try this.

Way 2 – Micro Loans

There are now many associations and organizations across the globe, which will help people by providing microloans, with very low-interest rates and other advantages. Some of these programs can help entrepreneurial minds to start off and this is why they are useful.

Some people have benefited from these types of programs, as they are able to get money to make improvements in their lives. There is really no limit to what you can achieve with this and you will certainly be getting a lot for your money.

Remember that if you do ask for a microloan, you must pay it back and this is essential if you want to keep a good credit score and get more loans in the future.

Way 3 – Pay Your Taxes On Time

There are many ways to save some money on your taxes and to get some of it back as well. You will be better off consulting this with a professional accountant, but you should know that there are many tips and tricks for this one.

There are some opportunities for paying income taxes and property taxes with a credit card and there are also some rewards for paying on time and declaring everything that you spend money on.

Sometimes getting involved in certain activities or doing some charity work, can help you to get some of your taxes back, so go ahead and ask your accountant about this, as you could save a lot of money, by spending a lot of it.

Intuit Turbotax, has a lot of neat tricks and tips, for getting some money back when you pay your taxes. You will find that most of the time, this is a whole lot easier than you thought it would be.

Way 4 – Pay your mortgage

Falling behind on your mortgage payments or not paying them on time, can bring some big problems your way, so make sure that you get organized and you do this right.

There are now also some companies and organizations, which will help you to make mortgage payments with you credit cards, including Discover cards, Visa cards, and MasterCards. Make sure that you pay attention at some of the fees, reimbursements and other offers, as these will allow you to get some cash back for your mortgage payments.

These opportunities are not very known, but with a little research and some imagination, you can certainly find ways to make your mortgage payments count.

Way 5 – Host or Organize Events

There are many ways to do this and there are many ways to spend a lot of money on this and get some good amount of cash back. If you plan things right, you could get yourself into some very nice places or you could even make a living off of this.

One example of this is organizing a night out with your friends, to a concert or a sporting event. You take charge of purchasing several tickets for the event and you then resell the tickets to your friends or others.

You can also charge the tickets to your credit card and earn some points for the transaction, as soon as you deposit the money that people are going to give you for the tickets. This can work for almost any occasion and it is a great way to earn some extra cash.

Sometimes if you charge the right amount and get enough people to purchase the tickets, you can even get a free ticket for yourself, or who knows, maybe even two.

Way 6 – Pay Insurance Ahead of Time

There are many things that you can save money on if you make a large expense once a year and forget about making small payments, throughout the year.

A perfect example of this is insurance, as there are many insurance companies that will give you a whole lot more if you pay in advance. Not only will you save money and time, but you will also get some kind of rewards, depending on the company that you are working with.

Make sure to analyze all of your insurance options and the plans that are available to you. Sometimes paying with a credit card, can save you some money too, so ask everything in advance.

Way 7 – Give Something To Charity

This may not seem like a nice thing to do if you are expecting to receive something in exchange, but hey, if it is a win win situation, you really shouldn’t worry that much.

Charity organizations do accept credit cards, so why not use yours to give something to someone and get some reward points in return. This can be very lucrative for you and it can even get you some special deals.

You will certainly be helping people out and this should make you feel better about yourself. Getting something in return, is definitely not wrong at all. So give this a try and see how you feel about it.

Way 8 – Healthcare Plans

If you have a health care plan or are looking to get one, you should be aware that there are plenty of options out there and that some do have some great rewards.

Just as some of the other things that we mentioned here, you will need to do some research, in order to find the opportunities that best match your lifestyle and your goals. Picking the right health plan can really benefit you a lot and the rewards are sometimes magnificent.

By simply paying all of your health plans or insurance policies on time or beforehand, you will not only save a lot on late fees, but you will also have the opportunity to reduce your overall costs over time.

Insurance companies do keep a record of good paying clients and they do help them in several ways. So make sure that you always pay on time and that you pick a health plan that adjusts to your needs.

Optima Health has some great information in their rewards FAQ section and it should help you to learn more about the opportunities that are out there. Some of these companies have different deals and it will all depend on the plan that you are interested in or can afford.

Internet week has a great video on YouTube, about how cash does matter when choosing a health care plan and how there are coupons, rebates and other special deals, which can help you to get the most for your money. You can watch the video by following the link below.

Way 9 – Buy brand name clothing

If you want to spend a lot of money and you want to do it well, you should really try buying good things. There are many things that you will get from buying brand products and some of them are:

  1. Feeling of being more important

  2. These products/clothing will last longer as they are higher quality

  3. They are better looking

  4. They will give you a status within your society and friends.

As you can see, these are all great benefits for buying brand clothing and there are many more. While you may not be getting some physical rewards or some points that you can exchange for goods later, you will be getting other types of benefits and self-comfort.

Try buying some brand clothing or simply try them on at the store, so that you can see the difference in materials and how they will make you look. You will surely want to spend on those types of clothing rather than on anything else.

Way 10 – Travel reward programs

There is no better investment that investing in yourself and one of these investments is to travel. By going to distant places, you will learn a lot about the world and you will feel amazingly better about yourself as well.

Unfortunately, traveling is not always that cheap and there are many times when we rather spend our money on something else. But if you really want to spend some money and get something back from it, traveling is a great option and being part of a travel reward program is even a better idea.

These types of programs, award you points or special gifts, for every travel booking that you make with them or when you stay at one of their partner hotels, use their transportation services, eat at a certain restaurant and more.

You have probably already heard about some of these travel reward programs, but if you have not joined one yet, we strongly suggest that you do it today. Your trips will be somewhat cheaper, you will find interesting places to visit and you will get rewards for the money that you spend.

There is really nothing better than this and once you get to travel around the world and get more opportunities to know more places, you will never want to stop.

Sonia’s Travels has an interesting video on YouTube, which talks about choosing the right travel reward program for you and some of the opportunities out there. We are not promoting any of them and there are plenty of them to choose from.

So choose wisely and make sure that you book all of your trips through your travel reward program, as this is the only way that you will get something back for all of the money that you spend traveling.

As you can see, there are many ways to get more “bang for your buck”, but you do need to do a little research and do a little work, in order to get something back for the cash that you have spent. Most of the opportunities involve using a credit card or reward program, so find some now and take advantage of them today.

The sooner that you get started, the more points or rewards that you will get and the more that you will enjoy your hard earned money. Remember that you never know where you will be tomorrow, so why not spend your cash on something that you enjoy and that gives you a better life.

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